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WonderMill Passes LDS ProvidentLiving.org recommendations

The following information comes from the recommendations on
how to pick a Home Flour Mill from ProvidentLiving.org
(an LDS owned website).

"Home Flour Mills"

An efficient and reliable home flour mill is an important tool in grinding grain into flour for use in home storage cooking. Flour mill design has evolved over the years. When choosing a home flour mill, you may want to consider the following product specifications: “

Does WonderMill EXCEED the recommendations of ProvidentLiving.org.

  • YES   Stoneless
  • YES   High-speed impact-milling chamber
  • YES   Milling rates of up to 40 lbs. of fine flour per hour (90 LBS PER HOUR)
  • YES   Produces a minimum of heat (THE LOWEST)
  • YES   Can process other commodities such as corn, rice, oats and legumes into flour
  • YES   Compact size that has the look and feel of a quality kitchen appliance
  • YES   Recommended by others who are successfully using this same mill
  • NO    Does not have a manual power option
  • YES   Constructed of metal and plastics, without any wood
  • YES   Self-cleaning milling chamber
  • YES   Good dust control (THE MOST DUST FREE)

The WonderMill EXCEEDS every recommended spec for a good electric grain mill from the LDS ProvidentLiving.org website.


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